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Core Value

At PT. QSZ (Quality-Service Zurich) Certification Indonesia, we assess management systems in the organization's objectives and goals. Our competence helps fuses, interact, and contributes to the organization's performance improvement through adding-value-assessments with a consumer-focus commitment.

Through PT. QSZ Certification Indonesia, your organization experiences a management system that contributes to the success of your organization. When the organization, the market, communities, and consumers synergistically interact that can only be a good thing to the marketplace. Welcome to PT. QSZ (Quality-Service Zurich) Certification Indonesia, an International Registrar for inspection, assessment and certifications from Switzerland (Swiss).



The customer is the centre of all our considerations. For the benefit of our customer, we are also prepared to enter solution directed exacting demands.

We offer a certification which complies with the requirements and with all regulations.


Vision : Local Presence - Global Competence

Our professionals are deployed across Indonesia Area, which makes us a convenient, local source support with multinational thinking.

Local availability also minimizes travel charges, which can comprise a significant portion of total projects' expense. In our field we do have a dedicated staff and service teams providing focused customer support in the whole area.




Our commitment is a promise to our customers, employees, communities and all stakeholders that we will strive to make a positive contribution to the industry and economy overall while achieving our business goals.  

  • We promise to provide world class certification services.
  • We promise to create a culture that values individual and collective energy, spirit, leadership and Innovation.
  • We promise to be caring global citizens.
  • We promise to commit to our core values.

Our Resources Point

listWe are one of Institution of Certification Body in Indonesia Area

listDirect Recognition Globally – IAF member

listSupport Professional and fully trained Lead Auditors/Auditors
- IQA, IRCA Registered (ISO 9000)
- EARA/RvA Registered (ISO 14000)
- IATF Registered (ISO/TS 16949

listIntegrated Management System Audit - ISO 9000/ISO 14000/OHSAS 18001/HACCP, etc


We remain focussed on this core value as a means of meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. As a result, we are able to outperform the competition and earn customer loyalty, providing the value and service beyond their expectations.
We assure highest standards of certification services. It is fundamental to our business and does not relate to the final services only but to the systems that we employ. Our systems are internationally recognized by SAS, IAF, FDA, IEMA, IRCA and various other accreditation bodies. We pride ourselves delivering   exceptional and reliable quality in all aspects of our work.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement is integral to our success to date.  We relentlessly peruse excellence in products, processes and services. We believe things can always be improved. We endeavour to encourage innovation, creativity, taking calculated risks and trying new things. Our company fosters passion of innovation and we believe that Continuous Improvement needs to be integrated into our everyday business. We encourage our employees to leave everything they touch a little better.

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