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ISO 14001

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 140001 is an international standard for environmental management system legislated by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
To be more specific, ISO 14001 is a management system that has to be equipped by an organization for continually removing or reducing environmental hazards faced by the organization, by systematically identifying, evaluating, controlling and improving an environmental aspect that is generated in the course of managing an organization.
Requirement of environmental management system in the global trade is now spread over the whole industrial fields, and the environmental management system is required in some industrial fields as an important obligatory factor for successful business opportunity.
The standard may be applicable to any organizations across the whole industries regardless of size just like that of ISO 9001 (QM).


Necessity of Introduction of ISO 14001 and its Effect

ISO 14001 can improve the whole gamut of environment management systems by grasping, controlling and checking environmental influence on an organization in conformity with circulation period of Plan-Do-Check-Action model, which is a basic concept of management system, some of the achievements by adopting the ISO 14001 standard may include the following advantages:
1. Preservation of global environment for future generations
2. The standard that is to be utilized as a tool for strengthening of corporate competitiveness
3. Capability to actively cope with various environmental regulations by government bodies and international groups
4. Capability to effectively cope with pressures from interested parties including customers and environmental groups
    - Requirement by customers to implement environmental management: Purchase of environment-friendly products
    - Pressures from environmental groups and the like
5. Effective control of environmental hazards
6. Prior occupation of superiority over process competitiveness
7. Cost-saving effect
8. Maintenance of good relationship with interested parties including government bodies, local communities, customers and environmental groups
9. Customer (investor) satisfaction


QSZ Service Methodology

The local QS Zürich AG auditors armed with profound experience and professional knowledge provide customers with valuable services through ISO 14001 certification audit based on full understanding and high-level audit achievement of business traits and process of customers.
- Contract for certification audit
- Preliminary audit: Checking to be made on where security of a system is required through review of management system prior to certification audit for registration
- Audit for certification registration
- STAGE 1 audit: Document review of management system and on-site checking on environmental aspect
- STAGE 2 audit (On-site audit): Checking on implementation of management system
- Surveillance management audit: Periodic checking on continual effectiveness of environmental management system
- Recertification audit: Audit for re-registration every three years on a par with an initial audit level
- Integrated audit: Integrated audit of environmental management system with other management systems (quality management system and safety and health management system) is possible.

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